Eugene Mirotin

Eugene Mirotin

Web Developer (front-end and full-stack).
Age: 36.  Experience: 11 years as programmer, 18 years total in IT.Contact: skills: JavaScriptES6TypeScriptNode.jsReactSveltePostgreSQLSQLiteRedisMongoDBHTML5CSS3SassWebpackBabelDockerPrettierGitFPOOPPromises


I work in IT since 2004, since 2011 — as full-time JS developer, since 2012 — as full-stack (started using Node.js).

I worked for several large companies (including Epam Systems) and for several startups (including

In addition to programming, I've also handled a fair amount ofinterviews, created a course on Node.js, and wrote some technical interview questions for the automated hiring platform (Toggl Hire).

Other than doing IT I do play intellectual games and create questions for them.

I love writing clean and expressive code and enjoy playing with the new tech.

Current Position

At the moment, I'm the Principal Full-Stack Engineer (Node.js, PostgreSQL, GraphQL/Apollo, React, TypeScript) at Cosuno, the German startup working in the area of construction business automation.

Work Story

I've started working in IT in 2004 and for the first 7 years have held a number of BA- and PM-related positions, including Tech Writer, Business Analyst, UI/UX designer, and Project Manager.

At the same time I've been always keen on programming and have self-learned a bunch of languages, including HTML/CSS, JS (with jQuery), Perl (that was fun), Python (with Django), C#, OCaml / F#.

Even when not holding the engineering position officially I've been participating in the development process. While being a Project Manager for BuildSite I've introduced the highly customized Django as CRUD admin panel, and also produced (designed and implemented from scratch) the feature that remains one of my most favorite achievement over the years: a completely OSS-based in-browser PDF annotation tool (jQuery, Django, bash, PDF Toolkit, Inkscape).

Around 2010 I've started doing my first paid freelance projects as front-end/full-stack developer, using JS + jQuery, HTML/CSS (and sometimes HAML/SASS) on the front-end, and Python + Django on the back-end.

In 2011 I've accepted my first full-time developer position as Senior Front-end Engineer at Epam Systems (office, 2011–2012). There I've been leading the development of a set of reusable client-side widgets (jQuery, custom templates) used across a wild number of Viacom web-sites.

I've also been assigned a position of Front-end Skill Manager there in a 100+ people department, assessing the developer's levels of proficiency, recommending the topics to pay attention to, suggesting level promotions to the managers, doing interviews and organizing workshops.

At LikeAndPay (remote, 2012-2014), a startup aimed at creating the industry of micro-payments (you liked an article? how about giving a buck to the author) in Russia I've lead the development of the entire product (embeddable widget with some iFrame magic – vanilla JS, admin panel – Meteor.js, backend – Node.js).

At (remote, 2014–2017), a startup focused on solving the IoT development and deployment complexities, I've done a lot of stuff: UI (Angular 1), back-end (Node.js, PostgreSQL), full-stack (a single codebase SDK delivered as Node.js module and as a UMD bundle), etc. I have also interviewed probably a hundred of people there (and we've hired some half a dozen of great engineers during that time).

I've also worked as a consultant on the graphical games framework project (TypeScript, canvas) and as a Team Lead (another widgets project, React, Redux) at Skywind (office, 2017–2018), as a full-stack developer (React, Redux, Node.js, TypeScript) at Botpress (remote, 2017–2018), a startup dreaming of making developing chatbots as simple as the Wordpress-powered websites, and as a full-stack developer (React, Redux, Next.js, Node.js) for a European online casino company (2018–2022).

Since 2019 I've been doing webinars and workshops for Skillbox, the Russian online university, and in 2020 I've created a Node.js course for them.

Since 2020 I also work with Toggl Hire for whom I create and review the technical interview questions on various topics (JS, TS, Node.js, React, Vue.js, git, HTML/CSS, SQL, algorithms, etc.)

What else

I have a formal CS education if you care about that kind of stuff. I own the Masters degree in Applied Math from the BSU (Minsk).

I have a hobby I spend quite some time on, we call it mind games, a special kind of intellectual entertainment popular in xUSSR countries and among Russian-speaking people in the West. It's like a pub-quiz but with more competitive atmosphere and entourage, making it a bit similar to chess tournaments in that sense. I play, author and edit questions, and sometimes host the tournaments.

I like traveling and dislike going to the office 9-to-5. That's why I'm looking for remote position. It also means I have more flexibility to spend time with the people I love. Although I can, and actually enjoy visiting the office occasionally to meet with the team.

What am I looking for

I look for remote/mixed, well-paid senior position in front-end or full-stack.

I can work with multiple technologies and can learn new stuff but as of now I prefer doing Node.js, React (or Svelte), ES6+ or TypeScript.

I can work independently or in the remote team if semi-async communication is fine.

Currently I live in Tallinn (EET timezone) but certain flexibility is possible wrt working hours.

Interested? Write me an email at